21 Except other intent, the following rules apply to determining the parties` intent as to when the ownership of the goods must be transferred to the purchaser: (2) There may be a contract for the sale of goods whose acquisition depends on the seller of an eventuality that may or may not occur. 17.2 Any withholding tax that must be deducted from a buyer`s payment to the seller for the purchase of the goods is deducted by the purchaser from the price of the commodity. A tacit and tacit contract, also known as the “party contract,” which can be either a tacit contract or an unspoken contract, can also be legally binding. In the case of unspoken contracts, these are real contracts for which the parties enjoy the “benefit of the good deal”. [55] However, legally underlying contracts are also called quasi-contracts and the remedy is quantum, the fair value of the goods or services provided. (h) “goods”: all personal cats such as objects and money and emblems, industrial crops and elements related to the land or part of the land that must be separated before the sale or as part of the sale contract; 2. Unless the buyer is authorized to do so, the seller must enter into a contract with the carrier on behalf of the buyer, which is appropriate given the nature of the merchandise and the other circumstances of the case, and if the seller refrains from doing so and the goods are lost or damaged during transport, the buyer may refuse delivery to the carrier as a delivery to himself. or may make the seller liable for the damage. 2. The measure of harm is the estimated harm which, in the normal case, results directly and naturally from an offence by the purchaser. 7 (1) A contract for the sale of goods worth forty dollars or more is not enforceable by deed, unless the buyer accepts a portion of the goods thus sold and actually receives the same thing or seriously gives something for the contract commitment, or in partial payment, or unless a written notification or memorandum of contract is made and signed by the dependent party. , or his agent on that behalf.

4 (1) A sales contract is a contract by which the seller transfers or transfers to the buyer the property of Tel against a consideration of money, the so-called “price”, and there may be a sales contract between a partial owner and another. (a) when the goods were sold without a credit obligation; 2. If such a third party is prevented from assessing at fault of the seller or buyer, the not guilty party may sue the indebted party for damages. R.S., about 408, 12. Article 5. (1) If there is a contract for the sale of unconsolidated or future goods by description, and if the goods of that description and in a deliverable condition are unconditionally returned to the contract, either by the seller with the buyer`s agreement or by the buyer with the seller`s consent, the ownership of the next commodity is handed over to the buyer, and this consent may be explicit or implied and may be granted either before or after the notice. The State of the State Policy Committee