So your MP voted on Tuesday night in the two important votes on Brexit in the House of Commons… MEPs voted in favour of the Prime Minister`s withdrawal agreement: Boris Johnson took his first bill to the new Parliament and successfully asked them to support his EU withdrawal agreement. Find out how each MP voted. MEPs voted in favour of the withdrawal deal to exclude Britain from the European Union in order to end a series of defeats for the Brexit government. Chloe Smith (Conservative – Norwich North) (Jo Churchill proxy vote) The government is again inferior because of Brexit: MPs voted against the Prime Minister`s withdrawal deal by 58 votes. Many former Conservative MPs who lost the whip to rebel against the government in a previous vote also disappeared. Kemi Badenoch (Conservative – Safran Walden) (proxy vote of Leo Abererty) MPs also voted by 353 votes to 243 for the government`s proposed timetable for the bill. The withdrawal agreement was adopted with the help of 19 Labour MPs who defied their chairman Jeremy Corbyn to vote in favour of the bill. Two Conservative MPs voted against the government, 29 abstained or did not vote, including Theresa May.

Give a postcode or the name or constituency of your MP Neil Gray (Scottish National Party – Airdrie and Shotts) (vote proxy of Patrick Grady) On the bill itself, the government won by 340 votes to 263, a government majority of 77. However, this is second reading and there will be other barriers to the bill in the coming days. The House of Commons voted in favour of the withdrawal agreement by 329 votes to 299, which, after months of negotiations with Brussels and its backs, won a big victory for the Prime Minister. The first vote on Boris Johnson`s bill passed 329 to 299, but it failed to get approval for the quick timetable that would have allowed it to pass through the House of Commons by Thursday. 32 Labour MPs and 10 Conservatives did not vote. The government lost the vote on the calendar by 308 votes to 322. MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of the recent Brexit law. Theresa May has passionately urged MPs to support the withdrawal agreement she had dissociated from the political statement that was part of her agreement, in the hope of being able to pass it. It was the first time MPs had voted for one of the Brexit laws in the House of Commons. The Labour Party`s amendment to block the UK`s internal market law for a second reading was rejected by 349 votes to 213, giving the government a majority of 136 votes. Suella Braverman (Conservative – Fareham) (steve Baker proxy vote) Five Labour MPs were also unable to register a vote, including leader Keir Starmer, who has isolated himself at home.

To find out how your MP voted, use the search field below. Emma Reynolds (Labour – Wolverhampton North East) Julia Lopez (Conservative – Hornchurch and Upminster) (Proxy Voice of Lee Rowley) Please update your browser to display these interactive MPs described as “No Voted”, who may not have done so for a number of reasons. They may have wanted to abstain or have constituency or departmental matters. The spokesman and his deputies cannot vote, and Sinn Fein members do not traditionally vote. Chris Evans (Labour Party – Islwyn) (vote proxy of Mark Tami) In the end, 34 members of the Prime Minister`s party refused to do so; Fewer rebels than the voices of recent weeks, but enough to stop them.