1.3 Please read these conditions carefully. If you wish to refer to it in the future, you can access it on our website at www.santander.co.uk, in our mobile banking app, via a branch or via our telephone banking service.1.4 In this agreement: (a)”we,” “our” and “we” means Santander UK plc; and (b) “she” and “you” refer to our client. – via the corporate website (www.santander.com) with an electronic CERES certificate from the Royal Spanish Mint [Real Casa de la Moneda – F├ębrica Nacional de Moneda y Stamp (RCM – FNM)) or a Spanish electronic identity card (DNI). It will not be possible to sign the agreement with an electronic CERES certificate or a Spanish electronic identity card (DNI) on mobile devices. IMPORTANT: if a shareholder is a legal entity, is not resident in Spain or has any other specific characteristic, he is not allowed to choose the second option and, if necessary, must conclude and sign the contract in one of the bank`s branches. g) Follow all the advice or instructions we give you when we use a service. (For our online banking service, you can visit www.getsafeonline.org for useful information on internet fraud protection). 12.2 If a contractual clause proves unenforceable, it will have no impact on the validity of the others. 3.6 The online banking service can also offer various online services to its users. These services may include targeted offers, online computers, online application forms, online summaries/information, product information, interest rates, emails, instant messaging, text messages and calendar features. We recommend downloading IBM`s Trusteer report software for free to help your antivirus software protect your online data. Don`t forget to keep your computer`s virus and malware software up to date. 12.1 This agreement is for you personal and you cannot transfer your rights or obligations to others.

We can transfer our rights and obligations at any time. You can access online banking by registering on our website www.santander.co.uk 10.3, if you cancel the online bank, you cannot access only online accounts and you can no longer use mobile banking. 10.1 This agreement has no fixed duration and will continue until you or we terminate it. This app really has problems. This is the third time I have had to reinstall the application because it no longer recognizes my IDs and fingerprints. 8.4 If you receive a suspicious email, please do not open it or click on the links it contains, but report it immediately by forwarding the email to phishing@santander.co.uk.