At Exotic Delicacies we use our culinary expertise to combine top quality ingredients with the finest organic cannabis and organic hash to produce unique and potent treats. We do not believe in using pre-made mixes or boxed ingredients. All of our treats are made with skill and care from scratch. Finding the best organic cannabis in Oregon is essential to creating our delicacies. We have a healthy working relationship with organic growers with over 20 years of individual experience that are fully compliant with the OMMP program. Our cannabis is lovingly grown in an organic and environmentally friendly way by experienced growers and trimmed by hand. The cannabis is thoroughly inspected before it is sent to the lab for testing. The organic hash that we use in our products is expertly extracted from organically grown cannabis plants utilizing water and ice to remove and isolate the trichomes. This method is sometimes referred to as Ice Water Extract (IWE) or bubble hash. We blend organic cannabis flowers with organic hash to produce potent infusions for our treats. We source local as well as organic ingredients whenever possible. Using the best ingredients we can find is important to us to create the most delicious and enjoyable delicacies we can dream up.