We are always creating new cannabis edible products and beverages. We constantly  perform strict quality control testing before sending our finished products to the testing labs.

A new sauce that we are creating is Thai P~nut Sauce. It is a shelf stable medicated Thai satay sauce and quite delicious. It can be used as a medicated marinade for proteins like meat or vegetable based proteins.  Medicated sauce for grilled dishes like vegetables or meats. It is an amazing addition to any Stir-Fry.  can be also be used as a sauce to cook pasta or rice in to absorb it’s succulent and divine flavors. It’s also a great base for dipping sauce. Be careful because our taste testers said this sauce is potent and addictively delicious……

We will include recipes for divine dishes including

~Tom Kha Thai soup: either plain, with Tofu or Shrimp.

~Grilled Satay Protein: either Chicken or Say tan.

~Thai Noodles or sticky noodles for stove-top or microwave