“In ancient Hindu texts, the gods churned an ocean of milk in search of an elixir that would make them immortal. Once they found it, they ran off with it and spilled a couple of drops of the immortality water along the way. At each of the places where a drop was spilled from the pot, miracles occurred.”

Exotic Delicacies Bhang Elixirs

Exotic Delicacies has unlocked the ancient secrets of Shiva’s sacred sacrament & refined it. We churn Organic milk & Organic heavy cream with Organic cannabis flowers & Organic cannabis extracts or Organic Hash from Oregon to create the sacred sacrament Bhang. We have borrowed the recipe and ancient techniques that we have been taught and brought them into the 21 century to masterfully create this sacred sacrament.  We hand make every batch of Bhang Elixirs with a mortar and pestle and slowly cook them together to infuse the maximum amount of cannabanoids into this magical organic concentrate. We respect the History & Power of Bhang.


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Bhang Elixirs
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