Majoon is a hash candy with origins in Morocco and several regions in the middle east. It has gained fame and recognition in literature and legends over the centuries. Majoon has many different recipes depending on where it is made. Exotic Delicacies created our own regional majoon recipe that represents the Pacific North West. Only the best organic cannabis flowers and organic hash from Oregon are used as the active ingredients in our majoon. After several blind taste tests in our kitchen we decided to use Irish butter for our infusions in this recipe because of it’s superior flavor and richness. We use the finest cashews, almonds, hemp seed hearts and pistachios and toast them to perfection. The toasted nuts and a mixture of dried cherries, dried blueberries and dried cranberries are finely chopped and combined with our medicated butter, local honey, spices and Himalayan pink salt. The mixture is pressed into shape then individually wrapped, sealed and labeled. We do not add any sugar and our majoon is gluten free. We advise consuming one portion or dose of majoon and waiting for several hours before consuming another piece until you find the dosage that works for you. Majoon is a sweet and savory treat made with wholesome healthy ingredients that make it hard to enjoy just one piece.