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BB-9E Merchandise

For fans of the sequel trilogy or the Star Wars: Battlefront video game franchise, Zavvi UK’s wide range of BB-9E merchandise is a no-brainer.

The Dark Side has its clutches in all corners of industry, and this includes droid manufacturing. But don’t worry, our products aren’t going to give you a zap – at least we don’t think so.

Star Wars Origins

The Star Wars franchise has no shortage of droids dabbling about its expansive universe. From R2-D2, C-3PO, and BB-8, these little (and not-so-little) guys have been at the forefront of the saga since the very beginning, when visionary director George Lucas took audiences to a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 1977.

Yes, it’s safe to say that droids are an essential part of the franchise. As such, when EA’s video game sequel Star Wars Battlefront 2 came out in 2017, they just had to include a few of their own.

BB-9E may be lesser known amongst the general Star Wars audience, but for video game fans, this versatile little guy has been an essential ally in their many space-faring skirmishes. A blaster rifle is all well and good, but nothing quite compares to having a BB astromech droid in your corner.

Joining Star Wars Battlefront 2 as part of their DLC expansion, BB-9E became the first First Order-affiliated droid in the game. Equipped with smoke screens, shock spins, and charge ups, BB-9E is not to be trifled with and can turn the tide in any conflict.

The droid was first introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as an evil counterpart to BB-8 (even receiving the nickname BB-H8 – as in ‘BB-hate’). With a jet-black coat of paint, the opposing droids couldn’t be any more different. While BB-9E served about Supreme Leader Snoke’s flagship spacecraft, the Supremacy, the other was kicking up a fuss with the Resistance.

And when these two come together... Well, let’s just say there will be a few loose bolts knocking around.

Bring BB-9E To Your Side

Explore our inspired range of BB-9E merchandise today. With A range of fashion accessories, including backpacks, dome bags, and wallets, no Resistance hotshot will dare challenge you to a dogfight.

With such incredible prices on offer, how can you say no to that?