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LEGO Jurassic World

Experience the wonder (and horror) of the Mesozioic Era with Zavvi UK’s wide range of officially licensed LEGO Jurassic World and Park sets. These exciting products, all of which are inspired by the fan-favourite film series, allow you to build your own dinosaur sanctuary. Recreate iconic scenes from the classic trilogy, or welcome the updated cast of the modern-day sequels.

Welcome To The Park

A movie based on a novel by author Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park (1993) explores the concept of genetic engineering, focusing on a dinosaur-inhabited wildlife park created by the opulent businessman John Hammond (Richard Attenborough). To certify the attraction’s safety, a number of experts — including mathematician and chaos-theorist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), palaeontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), and palaeobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) — are invited to Isla Nublar, the Costa Rican island where the park is situated. Unfortunately, events don’t go as planned, as the dinosaurs unleash chaos upon the visitors.

Having become a critical and commercial success, the first instalment in the franchise was succeeded by several sequels. One of these entries was Jurassic: World (2015), which picks up several decades after the events of the original movie and features the return of Isla Nublar. Hammond’s dream has been realised, a park of cloned dinosaurs receiving thousands of tourists each year; however, disaster is only moments away. A new species, the Indominus rex, has been unleashed, and those stranded on the island must flee.

The Return Of The Dinosaurs

Designed for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages, our huge line-up of LEGO Jurassic World and Park sets gives cinemagoers the opportunity to visit the legendary island of Isla Nublar. Start browsing today, and prepare to face (or run away from) some of the fiercest predators known to man.

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