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Visit Heartlake City with Zavvi UK’s wide range of new LEGO Friends sets, and meet a welcoming cast of characters. Available for a cheap price, our line-up of products (which includes buildings, vehicles, animals, and cubes) features sets of different sizes, both big and small.
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What Is LEGO Friends?

Since 2012, The LEGO Group (a company that designs and manufactures brick-shaped toys) has released new sets for their girl-focused theme: LEGO Friends. Set in the fictional Heartlake City, the line centres on five characters — Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie, and Emma — as they enjoy the various activities of suburban living. They are represented in the form of ‘mini-dolls,’ which resemble Minifigures but have noticeably more details, giving a realistic appearance and one that is differently proportioned. If you are familiar with the brand’s previous offerings, you will notice that there are similarities between Friends and Belville, a theme that launched in 1994 to provide LEGO for girls. Belville also provided doll-like figures that differed from ordinary Minifigures, and after the line was discontinued in 2008, it was this new theme that took its place.

Outside of the playsets themselves, Friends LEGO has been accompanied by several TV animated series and specials, the first of which was Friends of Heartlake City (2013). This was followed by two more shows, The Power of Friendship (2016) and Girls on a Mission (2018), and all of them told the stories the theme’s characters. Additionally, though the TV series are the most prolific examples of the narrative continuing in other media, there have also been video games, books, theme park attractions, and movies (such as 2016’s Girlz 4 Life).

Meet the LEGO Friends Characters

As previously mentioned, residing in Heartlake City is a group of LEGO Friends characters whose names are as follows: Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie, and Emma. This inseparable bunch epitomises what it means to value friendship, each of them displaying qualities that everyone — not just kids — can aspire towards. Together, these characters — realised as mini-doll figures — participate in many activities, including camping (or rather, glamping), baking competitions, and excursions into the jungle (where they set up a rescue base). However, despite their closeness, they each have unique personalities and interests.

Accompanied by her pet bird (Pepper), Andrea is a singer with endless confidence, her favourite pastime being to perform on stage. Like many music artists, she dreams of making it to the big leagues. Mia, on the other hand, is a humble environmentalist, wanting nothing more than to explore the outdoors and protect the wilderness that surrounds Heartlake City. Unsurprisingly, it’s rare to see her without Twister, her pet rabbit.

Olivia, the brains of the group, would rather lose herself in science books than participate in a scenic trip through the jungle. This works to the benefit of her pet hamster, Rumble, who gets to control his own personalised robot. Contrasting with Olivia is Stephanie, an individual who adores anything related to health and fitness. Her dog — much like his master — is the definition of high energy, receiving the name Dash.

Finally, we have Emma. She is similar to Olivia in many ways, recognised as a clever person, but her true gift is creativity, the ability to express herself through art. This carefree attitude permeates every aspect of Olivia’s character, allowing her to be as silly as she wants.

Explore Heartlake City

The city on which LEGO Friends sets focus is one that is as diverse as those who call it home. Within its borders, toy collectors will find residences (such as apartment buildings and houses), vital infrastructure (such as a hospital, school, and lighthouse), holiday facilities (such as a grand hotel, water park, and beach), recreational activities (such as a funfair, treehouse, cinema, and swimming pool), and shops where lots of money can be spent (such as a shopping mall, café, hair salon, and bakery). These playsets total more than 400, and they comprise one of the brand’s most popular lines, appealing to young girls especially.

To navigate this expansive city in its entirety, you need to have access to a range of vehicles. Thankfully, there are many to be found: buses, camper vans, aeroplanes, boats, cars, boats (including cruise ships and yachts), caravans, and even hot air balloons.

The residents of Heartlake City come in not only the form of people but also that of animals, some of which include the prior-mentioned pets, horses, and — interestingly — pandas. When these animals are feeling unwell, the city is prepared to lend a helping hand, with the local vet clinic standing at the ready.