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A real cult classic and an era defining game, feel the nostalgia with our selection of Super Metroid merch & gifts.

It’s been over 30 years since the Metroid franchise debuted on the old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and it’s still held in extremely high regard by everyone.

We first saw this sci-fi space shooter back in 1986 and its success has led a total of 14 games being produced, putting it alongside Mario and The Legend of Zelda as one of Nintendo’s real heavyweight franchises.

The Metroid franchise follows the adventures of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who's in the thick of a fight against the Space Pirates to protect the galaxy. The Pirates are attempting to harness the power of the special Metroid creatures to take control and rule.

The first Metroid game on the NES was a classic but what followed on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was something truly epic. Super Metroid was one of the first games of its generation to feature a huge open world, giving players the chance to explore and experience a game like never before.

This Nintendo masterpiece is a real test to complete, featuring a whole host of different challenges and enemies on the planet Zebes as Samus hunts for the last Metroid that’s hidden within the Pirates’ base.

The difficulty significantly increases as you progress within the game but your helped by a number of power-ups which make for great fun. Items such as the grappling beam, x-ray scope, energy banks, hyper beam, morphing ball and much more provide new elements to the game and they’re vital as you go further and take on the bosses.

This game is widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time and it’s for good reason. It boasts a great story that provides plenty of tests, with several hidden Easter eggs along the way.

This is a SNES classic with Super Metroid, alongside Super Mario, the jewel in the consoles crown and here at Zavvi we’re huge fans of the pair – we’ve spent A LOT of time playing them!

It’s now over 25 years since we were introduced to this classic and with cult status firmly in the bag, now’s the time to pick up the best in Super Metroid merch, they'll have the nostalgia flooding back to you.

Take a trip back to 1994 when this beauty was released with our selection of Super Metroid t shirts. These feature Samus Aran, the famous Super Metroid logo and of course the little green Metroid’s themselves. These are a must for all fans and they’ll add something special to your wardrobe.

You can bring some of this sci-fi classic to life in your home with our selection of Super Metroid prints, including the games iconic cover art. Get this framed and it would make a superb gift for any fan of this franchise, along with our range of mugs which are neat pieces of merchandise.

This SNES classic is without a doubt one of the best games ever made and you can bring it life with our range of Super Metroid merch.