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Robin Merchandise

Follow the adventures of Batman’s world-famous sidekick with Zavvi UK’s wide range of Robin merchandise. Featuring each iteration of the character, these officially licensed products — including collectables, homeware, clothing, and graphic novels — are must-have additions to any DC Comics fan’s collection.

The Boy Wonder

The DC Comics character Robin made his first appearance in Detective Comics #38 (1940), in which the persona was inhabited by Dick Grayson. A prominent member of Haly’s Circus, Dick became affiliated with Batman (the vigilante alter ego of Bruce Wayne) after the death of his parents, who fell to their end whilst performing a high-stakes trapeze act, the equipment having been sabotaged by the notorious mobster Tony Zucco. Feeling a sense of kinship with the child on account of their shared parental loss, Bruce adopted the eight-year-old boy and helped him overcome his grief by immersing him in his world of crime fighting. Thus, the Dynamic Duo was born.

Eventually, Dick abandoned his role as Batman’s partner, inventing a new costumed identity to step beyond Bruce’s shadow: Nightwing. In his place, the street orphan Jason Todd donned the cape and tights. He was a very different personality when compared to his bright-eyed predecessor, embracing the violence of the vigilante life, a violence that resulted in his untimely demise at the hands of the Joker.

For a time, Batman continued without a partner, guilt overcoming any thought of putting another innocent in the firing line. However, Tim Drake — someone who had witnessed the tragedy at Haly’s Circus and subsequently deduced the identities of the original Dynamic Duo — fervently believed that Batman needed a sidekick to prevent him from succumbing to his darkest impulses, and after some strenuous convincement, Bruce allowed Tim to assume the position. Regardless, Tim would ultimately choose to resign of his own volition, being succeeded by his girlfriend, Stephanie Brown.

In recent years, it has been Damian Wayne — the son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul — who has taken on responsibility for the mantle. As the son of a deadly assassin, he is known for employing less forgiving means of discouraging crime, his weapon of choice often being a sword. This has strained his relationship with his father, who is renowned for his non-lethal approach.

Meet Your New Sidekick

If you are planning to face the criminal underworld of Gotham City, it can’t hurt to enlist a helping hand. Browse our collection of Robin merchandise — which includes action figures, statues, T-shirts, graphic novels, and more — and complete your Dynamic Duo.