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Up Merchandise

Travel to Paradise Falls with Zavvi UK’s high-flying range of Disney Pixar’s Up merchandise, available at an affordable price.

This is the perfect way to capture the spirit of adventure and join alongside the eclectic voice cast, including Ed Asner (Carl Fredricksen), Jordan Nagai (Russell), Christopher Plummer (Charles F. Muntz), Bob Peterson (Dug and Alpha), Pete Docter (Kevin), and more.

Become A Wilderness Explorer

Up centres around the character of Carl Fredricksen, an elderly man who desires to move his home to the beautiful clifftop location of Paradise Falls.

In his younger years, Carl used to idolise a famous explorer by the name of Charles F. Muntz, who claimed to have discovered a rare bird-like creature on his adventures in South America. However, the only evidence he had was a skeleton, leading people to accuse him of fabricating the discovery. Unwilling to allow his work to be discredited, Muntz returned to capture a live specimen.

Carl met his future wife, Ellie, after bonding over their mutual interest in Muntz. After marrying and finding that they were unable to have children, they both determined to follow in the explorer’s footsteps and to live atop Paradise Falls. Unfortunately, Ellie passed away before they got that opportunity.

Many years later, Carl still remains in their shared house, despite the entire neighbourhood being converted into skyscrapers. And after an antagonistic incident with one of the construction workers, he uses hundreds of balloons to lift his home into the sky.

On the way, Carl discovers he has brought along an accidental stowaway: a ‘Wilderness Explorer’ by the name of Russell. Landing in South America, just opposite Paradise Falls, the pair determine to walk the rest of the way.

Throughout their journey, the duo encounters various challenges and a handful of new friends, including the golden retriever Dug and a flightless bird, called Kevin by Russell.

Step Your Collection ‘Up’ A Notch

Discover a variety of officially licensed products today in our collection of Up merchandise, encompassing Blu-rays, DVDs, and more!

For any fan of Disney, our Up merchandise has everything you could need for your trip into the great outdoors – or rather, your animated trip from the comfort of the sofa.