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Take a trip to the fascinating world of Ragnar Lothbrok, through Zavvi UK and our selection of Vikings merchandise.

Since 2013, the great man has taken over screens around the world and become something of an icon alongside his wife Lagertha and you can now join them in their battle.

The series starts with the rise of Ragnar from humble famer to Viking hero. His companions the mighty Rollo, Floki the trickster, Siggi and the enigmatic Athelstan accompany him as he takes the first trips west across the open seas to land in Northumbria. There he encounters the monastery at Lindersfarne and changes the fate of both the Vikings and British Isles forever.

The later series covers such historical events as the raiding and settlement of the Saxon lands in Britain, the discovery of Iceland, the Viking exploration of the Mediterranean and the siege of Paris.

The series is a great view of this mythical character, told in a way that holds to the myth of Ragnar and the sons of Ragnar, whilst giving a realistic depiction of what Viking life could have been like.

The series doesn’t flinch from giving us a raw and unfiltered view of the Vikings, whilst portraying their strong sense of justice, family and fairness within their communities, we see their casual approach to cruelty, sex and violence shown clearly on screen. The blood eagle, human sacrifice and pagan rites are not avoided to spare the blushes of more squeamish watchers, making it genuinely authentic.

The women get their fair share of the glory too with the striking Lagertha, the stunning Aeslaug and wily Siggi. The trio are major players throughout the series and their characters are right at the forefront of the actions that benefit the women in Viking society.

Vikings are known for being loyal, ferocious, battle hardened warriors and you can bring some of their resilience to life with our range of merchandise from one of the world’s most in-demand franchises.

Shop all things Vikings from special edition posters & prints to blu-ray & DVDs, providing the perfect gift for all fans of the franchise. And for lovers of board games, we also have a unique Vikings edition of Risk available that'll allow you to play out Ragnar's epic battles alongside five customised tribes in Valhalla!

And if you're yet to see it and are missing out on all the action, check out our Vikings DVDs & Blu-rays which includes the sixth and final season to bring you fully up to speed!