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Warhammer Merchandise

Zavvi presents a wide assortment of battle-ready merchandise straight from the epic world of Warhammer. Featuring all your favourite war-torn designs from this iconic franchise, you are set to uncover a massive expanse of branded products worthy of your growing Warhammer collection.

A Franchise Without Equal

Brandish your blades and guns, and launch straight into the battlefield with Warhammer - a franchise born in the smoke and debris of bloody conflict.

First conceived as a miniature wargame in 1987, the Warhammer franchise has successfully retained its crown as the most popular miniature wargame in the world, with a continuously growing fanbase of loyal Brits comprising its ranks.

More Than Just A Game

Since its inception, Warhammer has expanded its army of content to encompass multiple genres. And Zavvi is here to provide you with an exciting selection of diverse products from this grim fantasy world.

Explore the extensive lore of the Warhammer mythos as the series marches into the realm of board games, novels, film, and video game media.

Gain a first-hand account of the horrors of war, and take control of the Ultramarines as you pick up your mighty weapons and pull the trigger in its myriad of video game releases from across the years, including such titles as Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

A Future Born In War

Enter a world of destitution as humanity struggles to survive in desolate lands engulfed in battle. This is a world ravaged by hostile aliens and malevolent occult forces. And the only thing standing between humanity and absolute destruction is the Imperium of Man - an elite force of heroes.

A dark and grim world, Warhammer is not designed for the faint of heart. So, what say you? Do you have the necessary courage and determination required to push back against these impossible odds? Will you stand proud as a Space Marine or accept your fate as you are engulfed by the incoming hordes?

Lead Your Forces

Show your worth with Zavvi’s high-quality branded products, inspired by the creative, visionary world of Warhammer. Build your arsenal by purchasing our collection of soundtracks, board games, and other merchandise.

The trumpets of war echo in the air. Take your first steps into this massive world and join the fray!