Product safety is our top priority. Proper testing of all of our products and the organic cannabis and organic hash in them is essential to keep our customers safe and happy. Our products must pass the stringent quality control standards from our farmers and extract artists. If the organic cannabis and hash pass these standards they are sent to the most intensive and precise lab that we could find in Oregon. We test all of our products through OG analytical in Eugene Oregon. (

By utilizing both a triple-quadrupole tandem mass-spectrometer (LC-MS/MS) as well as a gas-chromatograph mass-spectrometer (GC/MS) OG analytical is able to satisfy the instrument requirements for AOAC Official Method 2007.01, the internationally accepted method used to screen for pesticides in a variety of agricultural products, including cannabis. This top-of-the-line instrumentation also allows this testing lab to exceed State requirements and look for fungicides, acaricides, and plant growth regulators (PGRs), compounds which no other lab in the State of Oregon is currently screening for.

This ensures that our products have passed the most comprehensive and thorough testing found in Oregon. OG analytical is our trusted lab and experts that we are fortunate to work with. They have won several awards for their precision and expertise in cannabis testing. We take pride in providing quality products that are safe as well as beneficial to our customers.